Evelyn Kamuchey (1929-2019)

Evelyn Kamuchey Birth Announcement in the Oshkosh newspaper Nov 23, 1929 Evelyn Kamuchey as a little girl The Kamuchey kids 1936, Milwaukee WI. Evelyn is in the back row, far left : kamuchey kids 1936 The Kamuchey kids late 1940s, Milwaukee, WI. Evelyn is in the back center
1714 East Park Place Milwaukee WI Evelyn and Erna Kamuchey at mother's day tea, Milwaukee Journal 1945. Evelyn is seated Evelyn Kamuchey Milwaukee Sentinel 1947. Evelyn is standing to the right Evelyn Kamuchey Lincoln High School - 1949
Evelyn Kamuchey Lincoln High School - 1949 closeup Summer fun gang. Evelyn in the center Evelyn-Bill-Marie Kamuchey in 1957 Evelyn Kamuchey 1940s
Evelyn and Marie Kamuchey ready for prom in 1951 Violet and Evelyn Kamuchey Milwaukee Sentinel 1948 Evelyn Kamuchey smiling Evelyn in Washington DC 1958
Evelyn in 1951 is sitting second from the right Evelyn as a comedian toast mistress in 1951 Evelyn looking serious Jim Poehlman's Christening Thelma and Evelyn Kamuchey 1950s
Evelyn at Marie's bridal shower Evelyn Kamuchey in later years Lincoln High School Reunion in Milauwkee Marie Kamuchey-Thelma Kamuchey-Evelyn Kamuchey-Violet Kamuchey
Evelyn and Violet Kamuchey California 1990s 3 Sisters - Marie, Violet, Evelyn Evelyn's Austin Texas home Violet's 80th Birthday in New Mexico (Marie-Evelyn-Violet)
Evelyn voting in the 2018 national elections Evelyn's 89th birthday Violet, Marie, Everett and Evelyn Kamucheys