Wilhelmine Boldewahn (sister) Pommerening Family

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Wihelm Boldewahn had an older sister named Wilhelmine Fredericke Auguste Boldewahn. According to this marriage registery she was born in May 1845. Her birth record does not appear to be in the Gruenwald parish, meaning she may have been born elsewhere. According to the Maasch Family Tree she may have been born in Naseband, Kreis Neustettin. Naseband was a small one street village next to Gruenwald. The Maasch Family Tree: https://www.myheritage.com/site-125899051/maasch Wilhelmine married Martin Adam Pommerening in June 1863 in the protestant church in Gramenz near the village of Gruenwald, Kreis Neustettin, Pommern Wihelmine and Martin would go on to have at least 6 children. The church records for their town end in the late-1870s as the majority of records were destroyed in WW2. Wilhelmine's date of death is estimated as she was listed as still living in her brother's 1937 obituary. One of her descendants now living in West Germany says that their family records show that she died on 11 Oct 1938 in Drawehn, Kreis Köslin, Pommern. Her death took place a few months before Germany invaded Poland. Martin died at a relatively young age of 43 in 1879. It is possible that Wilhelmine may have remarried. The baptism record of one of Wilhelmine's daughters: Bertha Marie Auguste Pommerening born 1868. Bertha is the only child that we have been able to trace to present day descendants in West Germany.
The baptism record of Mathilde Albertine Caroline Pommerening who was born in 1869. Her uncle Wilhelm Boldewahn was one of the witnesses. The baptism record of Caroline Albertine Wilhelmine Pommerening born 1874. After World War 2 many ethnic Germans living in Poland were killed or expelled. Some were sent to Russian labor camps, a few indispensible Germans were allowed to remain providing they changed their names and accepted Polish citizenship.  Most were resettled  into East Germany. As a result it is difficult to determine the fate of Wilhelmine and Martin's children. We think she died in 1938 shortly before the war. We think her great-granddaughter Ursula survived and married into the Maasch family and lived in Radewege, East Germany until reunification in 1989.  Source:    Germans in Poland after WW2.